Frequently Asked Questions


The Emolument Process

  • Emolument is the leading global provider of crowdsourced pay data aimed at financial and professional services. Over 200,000 registered users trust our reports to negotiate a salary raise, evaluate an offer of employment, make a key career decision, or change geographical location.

  • Directly from professionals who enter their own data which is then verified through a combination of proprietary algorithms, AI and data analysts.

  • 2-3 minutes approximately.

What am I going to get from Emolument?

Privacy & confidentiality concerns

  • Entirely. In line with the Data Protection Act 1998 & GDPR, your email address will never be passed on to a third party. Job reports are structured so that it is impossible to identify individual users. Your data is always anonymised.

  • It is key for us to have your employer's name as it enables us to process entries more accurately, thereby keeping the database clean and providing you with worthwhile statistics. Remember, data is always anonymised and always shown as a cluster, so you can never be identified.

  • We won't sell your individual entry. We may sell statistics based on your entry and many others as aggregated data sets. Your details are not passed on to third parties. Ever. Our users would never trust us again if we did and trust is what our platform is based on.

  • Companies can survey our users on specific topics or issues (anonymously of course). Companies also use Emolument to right-size how they pay their employees. Nothing sinister.

Understanding reports and the data

  • We define every job category very precisely and carefully with the help of industry insiders. Users find their job descriptions with ease, drilling down to a highly granular combination of activity, location and title which is entirely relevant to them. We are constantly refining our categories and we welcome any feedback and comments on how to further improve them.

  • Each industry and each company uses different seniority titles. As we think it's a really poor idea to give you endless lists to choose from, which spread the data too much, we prefer to identify standard titles per activity and let you pick the one which makes sense in reference to your seniority. For example, if we show you level 1= analyst to level 5= Managing Director, you should be able to grade your own title in relation to ours.

  • Upon submission, new entries are queried by dozens of automated algorithms which flag submissions needing further scrutiny. They are then referred to the next level of AI-based verification. Remaining entries are then queued in order to be individually reviewed by our team of trained data analysts. They benchmark each entry against sets of existing Emolument data and scan them for inconsistencies; if they do not pass our stringent examination process, they are immediately terminated.

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