The Top 5 European Business Schools and Universities

While there are surely many great financial schools and institutions all over the world for various places and terms of

A blog page study, European financial schools are often the strongest for those looking to get into a course of study in finance.

Macroeconomics and microeconomics both, as well as other finance and baking topics, are thoroughly taught at several of the best institutions in Europe, including these below:

1- University of Oxford

Oxford has quite the decorated history not only as a strong school and a good source of academic success in the past few decades, but also as one of the original and highest quality institutions of higher learning in the world. Countless famous scholars, academics, businessmen and others have come out of Oxford over the past several centuries, and it remains a top destination for people seeking the highest of higher education experiences in finance, business, and economics.

2- University of Cambridge

Similar to Oxford, England's University of Cambridge is one of the best and highest quality schools at which to study finance in Europe. Cambridge provides many courses of study in both microeconomics, and macroeconomics, and is invaluable to people who are searching for a high quality education without having to worry about their future careers and connections made.

3- ETH Zurich - Swiss Federal Institute of Technology

For those looking to escape England to find high quality finance schools in Europe, look no further than the Swiss Federal

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Institute of Technology in Zurich, which boasts a high graduation rate, a high placement rate on jobs after graduation, and some of the best and smartest in the financial world teaching and consulting on campus with students at all levels.

4- Karolinska Institute (Sweden)

While not seen as quite as traditional of a finance school as several others on the list, Sweden's Karolinska Institute provides high quality options in Scandinavia for many students, and has done their part to recruit a wide range of international students while doing so. The Karolinska Institute also offers quite a few courses of study and can specialize in many different branches surrounding finance, from investment banking to public policy and more, so that each student can be sure they get their exact specification during their time studying in Sweden.

5- London School of Economics and Political Science

Finally, and possibly saving the best for last, the London School of Economics is, and has always been, world-renowned for its grasp on macroeconomic theory and its study and more regarding world market places and finance. The London School may be the hardest to attend and be accepted in regarding careers in finance, but its ability to mix high-level finance work with public policy and government offerings for students makes it a top destination time and again for many different students out in the field.

All in all, there are countless strong finance schools in Europe, but for students looking for the best in terms of study and opportunities, it pays to start at the top and see what may be offered moving forward. With a lot of hard work, studying at schools like this can propel students into long-term, high level careers in finance throughout the industry and across worldwide markets.

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