How long does it take to become managing director?

Some banks will get you to the top faster...

Europe goes for wise: European institutions such as Lloyds or Societe Generale run MD pools with on average 16+ years of experience.

While US banks go for bold:Goldman Sachs or Morgan Stanley do not hesitate to appoint Managing Directors with under 14 years of experience, with an average MD age of 13 between them. They also happen to be among some of the best paying banks.

Average years of experience for MDs


Top 3 banks with youngest MDs

Bank Average years of experience
Goldman Sachs 12
Morgan Stanley 14
Bank of America Merrill Lynch 15

Top 3 banks with most experienced MDs

BankAverage years of experience
Societe generale19

... but it's not all about title: how does pay compare?

Being a young MD does not mean you will be paid less: banks with the youngest Managing Directors also lead in terms of pay packages

... while patiently waiting for that MD promotion is unlikely to be rewarded financially: while some compensate a slow career evolution by paying good market rates (Nomura, Barclays), other banks do not make up for a low promotion rate (Societe Generale, Lloyds).

Average yearly income for MDs*

Top 3 banks in terms of MDs' income*

BankAverage yearly income
JP Morgan Chase940,000
Deutsche Bank723,000
Bank of America Merrill Lynch701,000

Bottom 3 banks in terms of MDs' income*

BankAverage yearly income
Societe Generale354,000

*Salary and bonuses included

We have examined data from 3,375 employees working for London's top investment banks between 2013 and 2015.


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