Why your friends at work are so important

While the opportunity to take on a new role and negotiate a higher salary may be extremely tempting for ambitious professionals, remarkable stats from Office Vibe have revealed that for many people it is the friends they have at work that make them want to stay where they are. In fact, the stats showed as many as 74 percent of women would refuse a higher paid job if it meant they would no longer get along with their co-workers.

What's more, while it might seem fairly obvious that having friendships at work is a crucial part of a happy work-life balance, there are actually huge benefits for your employer too. For example, people who said they have a good friend at work:

  • take more pride in their work, with 35% higher commitment to quality
  • feel 27% more listened to, and believe their opinions are considered
  • receive 137% more personal development support, easing the strain on busy HR departments
  • generally feel a stronger connection and loyalty to the company

So next time your boss looks disapprovingly at you while you have a laugh and a gossip with your friend while making a coffee, you can rest assured that you are actually making the company a better, more productive place to work.

Take a look at the excellent infographic below for some more fascinating insights:



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