What bonus for which career?

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To start off with, focus on salary:While 90% of junior employees pay comes basic salary, more experienced employees bonuses represent more than 20% of their total income.

Bonus still equate Financial Services: in the financial industry, 50% of Senior employees income is paid as bonus, showing a strong bias to rewarding risk taking; by contrast, in government jobs, bonuses represent less than 5% of remuneration

% bonus in total income


Low % of your pay is bonus? You are in a low-paying industry, such as local government or accounting, the average total income remains lower than in industries where there is a wider use for bonuses.

Except for law professionals, the cushy jobs : Senior Legal professionals have a relatively high salary despite their low bonus, with a total income superior to GBP 179,000 from which only 13% is bonus; they can therefore expect recurrent annual pay, without worrying about annual bonus packages, as bankers do.


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