How much is your unpaid overtime worth?

Do you sometimes leave work a bit late after a long conference call? Or maybe arrive a bit earlier in the morning to check your emails?

Most of UK professionals do, and it's not an issue when they are compensated for it with extra money or holidays. But a study by found that only 30% of them actually get paid for working extra hours, meaning that 70% of workers are actually working for free a couple of minutes/hours per week.

Even though 15 minutes here and there do not seem like a major financial sacrifice, when adding up, it can cost quite a bit of money : because of unpaid extra-hours, the average UK professional basically works for free 9 weeks each year!

How about you? After reading these chilling numbers, you might want to know how much your unpaid overtime hours are worth. The tool below will tell you exactly that, but be careful, as it might cause you to have second thoughts the next time you're thinking of having lunch at your desk.

And if you want to check that you are fairly paid for all the hours you work (including overtime!), make sure to use our salary benchmarking tool. You will instantly know if your employer is paying you accordingly your experience, degrees and skills.


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