Are you a Meerkat, Bull or Dolphin? Depends on your university!

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Which animal for which university?

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Having analysed over 700 individual alumni profiles, Emolument has derived a totem animal for each institution. Which are you?

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LSE graduates are Squirrels! (Financiers)

93% of graduates go into finance, earning on average 35k in the first year of their career. And they also show the highest proportion of technical majors (Economics, Business, etc..).

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Oxford graduates are Whales! (Travellers)

Spread between New York, Sao Paolo, Tokyo, Singapore, Morocco and Paris, they are the most geographically diverse in our sample. They also earn 35k in the first year of their career.

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Cambridge graduates are Meerkats! (Good listeners)

With the highest proportion of consultants (25%) in our sample, Cambridge grads pay attention and troubleshoot. They earn 42k in the first year of their career.

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Kings College graduates are Bulls! (Fighters)

With the highest proportion of lawyers (27%) in our sample, Kings grads clearly relish a good argument/debate. They earn 42k in the first year of their career.

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Edinburgh graduates are Dolphins! (Communicators)

Highest proportion of media professionals, ear to the ground when it comes to new trends and communication habits with over 30% working in the field, earning 30k in the first year of their career.

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Bristol graduates are Orangutan! (Pragmatics)

90% of these graduates go into IT, financial services, accounting or consultancy hardly any media, legal, or public sector jobs. They earn 42k in their first year, the same as Cambridge grads.

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Imperial college graduates are Eagles! (Explorers)

From locations as far afield as Nigeria and Ukraine, they are the most adventurously located graduates and at 45k in their first year, the highest paid grads.

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Brunel grads are Beavers! (Tech Savvy)

Unsurprisingly, with over 35% going into IT, they have the most tech oriented careers of all the big universities with healthy earnings of 36k in their first year.

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