France vs Investment Bankers: 1-1

Despite the pressure involved in playing for one's national team, footballers are generously compensated. After the recent win ushering France through to the finals, how about sizing up the players versus corporate professionals? Game on!

We have analysed 1,077 investment banking, technology and consulting salaries to compare with those of football players. Investment Banking Managing Directors are fierce opponents to the Euro champions.

Reward per playerFRANCE (victory)GERMANY (eliminated)
Technology Developer earnings33,06443,644
How many Technology Developers to match a player's earnings?82
Advisory Consultant (3-5 years' experience) earnings43,39659,350
How many Advisory Consultants to match a player's earnings?61
Managing Director earnings264,512357,504
How many Investment Banking Managing Directors to match a player's earnings?10.23

Football players versus Technology Developers: red card!

Technology developers in France makes 1/8 of a EURO player earnings in a single tournament.

Football players versus Advisory Consultants: yellow card!

A victorious French player on the field earns six times more than an advisory consultant in France. This doesn't even take into account potential sponsorship deal.

Football players versus Investment Bankers: draw!

A managing director in investment banking earns as much as a victorious French player, with less chances of being injured.

What about Germany and the semi-finals?

Germany was eliminated in the semi-finals, with players earning 84,000 for the Euro, equivalent to the annual compensation of two technology developers or one consultant - and less than one investment banking managing director in Germany.

Stick and carrot.

Germans are more incentivised to win the semi-finals than the French, with a 2 to 1 ratio: 83,700 for the German players versus 175,000 for the French. The gap reflects past championship results, with three Euro victories to their credit.

A blog page

Team managerDidier DeschampsJoachim Lw
Team manager earnings1,700,0002,700,000
Managing Director in Investment Banking264,512357,504
How many Senior Managing Directors to match a team manager's earnings?68

Overtime: Team managers vs Investment Bankers.

Joachim Lw, the German team manager, earns approximately eight times more than a senior investment banking managing director.

Don't bank on being popular

While an investment banking managing director might earn as much as a victorious football player, he is unlikely to be cheered by an entire nation on top of an open double-decker bus. Quite the opposite. With the current negative public perception of senior bankers, they would probably trade some of their pay to bask in glory, if only for a day.


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