Will Tweeting with a Company Help Me Get Hired?

The job application landscape has changed a lot since the internet became an integral part of the life for many individuals. Not only has the web contributed to our entertainment, it has also helped us derive information in unexpected ways. These days, it is quite normal for recruiters to look up a person's profile online. Sometimes, this online profile aids recruiters in deciding whether an applicant has a good track record or not. Though many have argued that this method is not ethical, a quick glimpse at a person's search results aid a lot in determining whether a person could fit into a particular position or company.

Many have maximised this common practice by using their online profiles as another platform to show employers that they are a perfect candidate for the position. In fact, others have pushed this to the next level by actually using social media to get a job. Can you actually tweet the company you want to work for and expect to get hired?

Twitter can further your application


The answer is, not directly. But you can definitely use Twitter as a means to further your application. No matter how far we've gone in in the realm of online applications, it cannot be denied that the traditional route is still expected from job applicants. But tweeting the company you are applying for can definitely help. For one thing, it shows that you are pro-active, and that you are in touch with technology. It also shows that you have made the extra effort to know about the company, and have found its Twitter account (if indeed they have one of course).

Get it right when you tweet

While tweeting the company can be beneficial to you, you must realise that you should do it under the correct circumstances. Don't ever act like a stalker. Don't be vague when you tweet them. Be professional and straight-to-the-point, it will definitely earn you points. If possible, you can use the direct message feature of Twitter. There is something a bit informal about posting a tweet in public, so it could also be best if you send the company a direct message via Twitter.

Have a professional Twitter profile

Since you are tweeting this company, you have to be 100% sure that your Twitter profile is something that you can be proud of. Admit it, many have used Twitter as a means to rant and express one's strong opinions freely. If, for example, the company responds to you, and is interested enough to check your profile, would they see someone they would want to hire? Before you lead them to your online profiles, make sure that it will not negatively affect your prospects of getting a job. Of course, you also have to remember that these companies cannot immediately reply to tweets or messages sent to them. If your tweet gets ignored, do not feel bad about it. Not all companies monitor Twitter on a daily basis, and even fewer actually respond to tweets. If Twitter doesn't work, why not try LinkedIn?

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