Who Are the Best Employers to Work For?

Back in December, we presented our very first Emolument.com awards, giving recognition to some of the best employers of 2015! Making use of our data sourced directly from 100,000 students and professionals, we presented awards to some of the top employers, in the categories of "Fairest Company", "Students' Favourite" and "Gender Equality."

Fairest company:

Our "Fairest Company Awards" went to the best paying employers and those who received the best feedback in terms of pay transparency and benefits within the company.

1. Vodafone

All Vodafone employees are entitled to a generous compensation and benefits package, including a free smartphone, inclusion in the bonus plan or commission scheme and most importantly, a day off for their birthday! According to our data, Vodafone staff can expect to earn an average salary of between 30,000 - 75,000 and a bonus ranging between 500- 5,000.

2. John Lewis

John Lewis staff aren't just employees of the company, they are partners; and each of them receive an annual bonus made up of of a proportion of the John Lewis profits. John Lewis believe in pay transparency and they have a performance based pay policy, where all partners have the opportunity to progress their pay based on meeting performance targets and expectations. Employees can expect to earn between 22,000-50,000 and also receive generous perks including discounts, subsidised dining and sports and much more.

3. Salesforce

Salesforce pride themselves on taking care of their staff in every way possible and they offer a vast selection of employee benefits, including health and fitness perks, reimbursement of student fees and volunteer work support. Employees are offered competitive salaries ranging between 45,000-125,000, as well as uncapped commissions and employee stock purchase plans. Other nominees in this category include BT, Amazon and Johnson & Johnson.

Students' favourite:

Our "students' favourite" awards went to the employers who are the most popular among students and were voted as a company they would most like to work for.

1. Google

From the revolutionary nature of the business, to their modern offices, Google is the perfect environment for enthusiastic millennials. Google are one of the highest paying employers, and graduates can expect to earn a pretty decent average salary of 40,000.

2. Goldman Sachs

Goldman Sachs are highly supportive of students and graduates, running a number of programs from technology apprenticeships and work placements, to entry-level graduate roles offering a generous average salary of 45,000. They seek to recruit people from all academic backgrounds and pride themselves on offering an opportunity to learn first hand about the financial services industry, as well as providing training and mentoring programs throughout the company.

3. Mckinsey & Company

Millennials are an innovative generation and although McKinsey is a large global corporation, it has been described as entrepreneurial by many of their employees. They offer fantastic development opportunities, investing over $100 million in training each year and an average graduate salary of 50,000; making it a great place for graduates to launch their careers. Other nominees in this category include JP Morgan, Apple and the NHS.

Gender equality:

Gender equality is incredibly important in the workplace. The winners of this category are those who demonstrated equal pay and opportunities throughout the company.

1. Vodafone

Vodafone pride themselves on creating an inclusive working environment, offering equal opportunities to all employees. Gender balance is something that they consider particularly important, having gone from 14% of senior leaders being female in 2009 to 21% in 2015 and they're still working on increasing that figure to 30% in the coming years!

2. Standard Chartered

Standard Chartered feel strongly about supporting diversity in their organisation and of 90,000 employees, nearly half are women. They encourage women to progress in their careers and offer a range of advice, support and training for women in business.

3. BBC

The BBC state that diversity is an essential part of who they are and they commit to treating all employees fairly whatever their age, gender, race, etc. The average salary at the BBC is 45,000 regardless of gender.

Other nominees in this category include HP, Sainsbury and Accenture.


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