Should you really start working for a start-up?

The obvious career goal might be to work for a big corporation, with structured progression, a good pension scheme and a household name that will look good on your CV. While this approach certainly has its benefits and may be the best choice for some, for others taking notice of the smaller, exciting new start-ups out there, could provide job prospects outside of the 'norm' and make for, ultimately, a more fulfilling and exciting career. Just think, could it sometimes be better to be a big fish in a small pond?

Have a go at everything

In a big company you will have a defined role, with set tasks relating to that specific role, and while promotion will provide new opportunities it is only likely to happen in a very structured way. In a start-up, however, it is usually a case of all hands on deck so you will be likely to be required to have a go at pretty much anything - ideal for someone who enjoys new challenges and wants to know all aspects of running a business.

Great for your CV

If at some point you want to move on from your great start up job, to work somewhere else, or start up a business yourself, the range of different kills you have experienced will make you appealing to would-be employers. If you fancy having a go on your own, you'll probably know exactly what to do.Your goals and achievements are likely to look pretty good too - you'll be able to honestly say that you contributed to increased profits and success, and chances are the company will have grown underneath you to put you in higher role within the organisation than you ordinarily would have.

Make a real difference

Working for a successful startup will give you an enormous sense of pride, if you put in the effort, you will see the business you work for grow right before your eyes; something that's less tangible in an established organisation. You'll have to work hard - there are less places to hide and your boss will notice if you're not putting in the effort - but, the potential rewards to your self-esteem (and bank balance) if things go well should appeal to anyone with ambition.

Help shape your environment

In a big company, it's likely that the culture is well established and you'll just have to fit in. In a start-up, the 'way things are done' probably hasn't yet been decided and you will have the opportunity to create a working environment that keeps you motivated and happy. With the boss likely to be accessible (and sitting at the desk next to you) getting your ideas heard should be easy, with constructive suggestions welcomed by a good entrepreneur.

Feel 'passion'at work

We're not talking about the romantic kind, but the passion you only get from a job you really care about. Start-ups tend to be enthusiastic, innovative and, yes, passionate places. With great new ideas flying round the office and problem solving happening on a daily basis, it's hard not to get caught up in the vibe of a new business on the verge of world domination!


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