Moving jobs: four life hacks

You've made the decision to move and you've already started to switch off from your old job, putting less effort into those water-cooler conversations and wondering about your new workplace. But now's the time to keep sharp, as there are some things you can do right now to make the most of your move.

1. Snap your contacts

Who do you want to keep in touch with from your old company, including colleagues, clients and contacts? If you work closely with third parties, make sure they know you're moving and give them an alternative point of contact at your old company. If there are people you'd like to stay connected with, get an app like CamCard or Evernote to photograph and automatically digitise business cards. Evernote's business card feature even integrates with LinkedIn, so it will give you the option to connect online too.

Rethink your style

2. Revamp your office wear

Switching jobs is a good chance to change your look a little bit and refresh your wardrobe. Take those tatty cardigans or past-it shirts to the charity shop and concentrate on getting a few new pieces that can become workday staples. Opt for comfortable cuts and low-maintenance fabrics, and choose items within a limited colour palette so that you can mix and match them easily. Once you've chosen your new clothes, try a fashion app like ClosetSpace or Closet+, which can catalogue your wardrobe and then recommend outfits.

3. Sort your pension

A really practical step you can take when you move jobs is to take control of your pension situation. It's now common for people to work in several different workplaces and to accumulate various pensions along the way, so moving jobs is a good time to combine them. PensionBee can find your pensions for free and give you a snapshot of the amounts you've saved and the fees you're paying. If you want, you can then combine your pension pots into a low-cost online plan. It keeps management easy and fees low, as when you move jobs you can choose to keep paying into your plan.

4. Ponder the future

Once you're busy in your new role you probably won't have much thinking time, so before you start, think about what you want to achieve and how your new job fits into your long-term plans. Hopefully you're gaining something from your job move, so think about what that is and how you're going to get it: are you hoping for better career progression opportunities, a healthier work/life balance, or more interesting projects? It can be useful to write these things down, so that you can check back in a few months and see if your role is bringing you what you wanted.

Most importantly of all, enjoy your new job and the opportunities it brings!


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