Should You Use a Headhunter to Get Your Next Job?

The job-hunting scene can be very competitive. If you are out looking for a job, you may encounter a lot of frustration. Sometimes, it is difficult to find a company that provides you with all the right elements. Therefore, it is important that your job search is systematic. You should know which tools could help you land your dream job.

The normal route

Many job applicants go through the normal route and submit resumes to the companies they wish to work for directly. These days, however, more and more job applicants find that making use of headhunters or recruiters also help in getting them the jobs that they want. While there are indeed benefits to leaving your job search to a headhunter, do you really need them in your search for a new job?

Go direct for speed

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Getting a headhunter and directly applying for a job each have their own benefits. If you go apply directly to a company, sometimes you get quicker results. You will be more hands on with your application, and you will be assured that your applications have been processed properly. By applying directly, you can immediately short-list the companies and positions you are applying for. Your approach to job application is more specific, more personalised according to what you really want.

Use a headhunter for market knowledge

On the other hand, getting a headhunter also has benefits. Headhunters are more in the know about the different job openings that may be suitable for you. Sometimes, you may not even know that such a company exists, and headhunters can open up these opportunities for you. Headhunters can also tailor-fit your job applications by knowing your strengths, and recommending jobs that are better suited for you. Companies who hire these headhunters also pay closer attention to applicants that submitted their applications through them. It is like getting a seal of approval from someone this particular company trusts. Admittedly, that recommendation will do wonders in getting you that job.

Entry-level positions vs. executive roles

It does not necessarily mean that you should immediately get a headhunter for your job search. In fact, if you are a fresh graduate, you probably don't need one. There are quite a lot of entry-level positions available for you, and you will realise that there are a lot of opportunities for you. However, if you are a senior executives and would want to transfer to another company, going through a headhunter would probably help you more. Companies don't usually post openings for senior positions. They simply inform their headhunters, and it is up to the headhunters to look for applicants.

Avoid any confusion for the employer

In general, fresh graduates or young professionals don't need to go through the extra step of coursing their applications through headhunters. But you also have the option of getting one to broaden your opportunities. You just have to make sure that you do not apply for the same company, as it could be confusing for the company, especially in terms of paying the headhunter's fee. It is really up to you, if you really feel that a headhunter can push your applications further. If you feel that you are doing okay, then by all means, you can submit your applications directly.

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