More data! Better reports

What if you could earn more in a different industry?

Some of you were frustrated not to see enough data points.

We have been working throughout the Summer to bring you a fantastic new feature: expect to see tons more entries as we now pool data across all sectors.


Which means...?

Imagine you're an HR Manager at an Accountancy firm. Previously, Emolument would only pool you with HR professionals in accountancy. No longer!

You can now benchmark yourself alongside HR Managers at an Energy Company, Telecoms Provider, Retailer, Ad Agency, Investment Bank...

Then simply use the filters at the bottom of the report to include/exclude relevant sectors.

Log on now and find out if you could earn more in a different industry. - an overview

Launched in 2012, is the leading crowdsourced remuneration data website aimed at professionals across financial, legal and professional services. With over 100,000 users from 133 countries and across 18,500 institutions, Emolument provides transparency about what professionals really earn to help them make more informed career decisions.

Emolument users access 100% free and anonymous remuneration statistics about their job, and more recently new functionality also allows benchmarking against universities and specific employers.

Our data is regularly featured in the likes of the FT, Financial News, CityAM, The Telegraph, The Times as well as more specialist publications.

Emolument was co-founded in 2012 by Thomas Drewry and Olivier Beau de Loménie.


Emolument provides bonus and salary statistics based on data submitted directly by professionals like you. It is free, anonymous, and already a trusted tool for thousands of professionals worldwide. Are you paid enough? Click here to find out now.

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