Top 10 Worst Finance Career Mistakes

When plotting your five year and beyond career plan, keep these top ten career mistakes in the back of your mind. Sometimes it's the little things you don't even think of that can keep you from reaching your goals. When working in the fast paced world of finance you don't want to let a single opportunity pass you by and even a small blunder can set you back.

1. Giving up too soon:

Getting started in finance can be a long and difficult road. Making sure that only the right people get access to handling the financial affairs of others means a lot of education, testing and training. Some people will give up just before they reach the end of the race. Keep the end goal in mind when the to-do list of credentialing seems never-ending.

2. Not monitoring your online reputation:
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Things posted and said online are anything but private. Even if you think your social media tweets and status updates are locked up tight, these things always find a way of leaking out. Carefully monitor your online reputation and make sure never to talk about co-workers or clients online. Avoid situations where any compromising photos will be posted on the internet.

3. Spending too much time comparing yourself to others:

Spending hours on end comparing yourself to your coworkers is a complete waste of time. Everyone's situation is different and the complexities surrounding what makes you fundamentally different than them will drive you crazy. Instead focus on your own work and your own goals.

4. Not planning for the future:

Most people will change jobs at least three times in their careers now, so while you should give your current job 100% you also have to thinking about what will happen when you leave the company. In addition to the work you doing, you should be gaining valuable skills and experiences that will help you further your career. Everything you do should be in preparation for a future job if advancement is in your plan.

5. Dressing less than your best:

Finance is a professional field and you should always be dressed for the occasion. No matter what industry you work in (unless a uniform is provided) you should dress in business attire that confirms the notion that you are a serious professional. If your office has casual Fridays it might be OK to participate but still keep the professional look in mind and dress up the jeans or khakis to elevate the style.

6. Taking on too much:

It may be tempting to prove your worth by taking on a lot of projects and clients. Keep in mind, delivery of quality work is expected and taking on so much that you can't get anything done will leave you looking like an underachieve, the exact opposite of what you were aiming for.

7. Staying too long on the wrong path:

If, along the way, you discover that your career path has taken a wrong turn or you've ended up in a job that isn't best suited for you, rectify the situation as soon as possible. Do not get caught up worrying about how much time or money you have already invested in this career, which will only delay the inevitable. You can look for a new job or work towards new credentials while at your current position.

8. Letting your skill set get rusty:

While you are settling in to your career, the world keep on spinning, technology keeps improving and rules and regulations keep on changing. You need to keep your education and skills up to date no matter if you plan on changing jobs in the future or not. Always take advantage of any free or reduced cost training opportunities at work and continue to improve your skills outside of work as well.

9. Talking too much:

Talking too much can certainly get you in trouble but it also prevents you from listening. Doing more listening than talking can help you serve clients better and help you learn what you need to do in order to get ahead. In addition, don't be too quick to take all the credit for every success. Use some of your talk-time praising others and making the whole team look good.

10. Mistakenly thinking you are irreplaceable:

No matter if you are a financial genius or were the super star of your graduating class, make no mistake, your company has no room for divas. Especially in today's marketplace there are tons of eager job seekers ready to take your job at a lower salary on a moment's notice. Do not be demanding with your employers and work to build a level of trust and respect that goes both ways.

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