Best paying banks in London: Bonuses 2014

We have examined bonus data from 327 Directors working in front office in Investment Banking and Markets at Director in London for 2014.

The 'B' word is on everyone's lips from Mayfair to Canary Wharf, with bonus season nearly upon us. In anticipation, We look back on the banks that paid the largest bonuses in London in 2014. We will be analysing upcoming numbers as they come in and refreshing our 'Biggest Payers" table.


RankBankAverage Bonus
1Deutsche Bank233,000
3JP Morgan Chase222,000
4Credit Suisse214,000
6Morgan Stanley192,000
7Bank of America Merrill Lynch179,000
8Goldman Sachs174,000
10Societe Generale123,000

Overall Deutsche Bank and UBS came top for front office Director bonuses last year. It is worth remembering though that these average figures hide a wide range of payouts both within the same bank and across business areas. Check out the Emolument job reports to see the full data and as always the more people who contribute the more accurate a picture so please share the survey as widely as you can.


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