London vs Geneva: the Best Place to Live and Work

When you think of finance, and business and financial centers around the world, cities like New York, Hong Kong, and others pop up without question - after all, they are financial capitals and banking centers. Two others that always invariably pop up regarding high level financial centers are London, England, and Geneva, Switzerland.

But for those who wish to stay and work in Europe, or move to Europe to work in high level finance, how can you pick between the two cities and financial marketplaces? There are a lot of things to consider in both cities, as to whether or not they would be the proper fit for you and your needs in terms of a solid footing for a good financial career. Surely both have major prospective benefits, but there are differences between the two that bear out discovering and analyzing:

London can offer a lot

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London is without a doubt a worldwide financial marketplace that can host countless individuals looking for literally any sort of career in finance. London offers quite a bit and is also ideal for those who speak English, as they are considered to be the English center of the financial market place.

Additionally, London offers a great deal of schools and high level universities to a variety of people who are looking for financial education at the highest of levels, including universities in Oxford, and Cambridge, and King's College and the London School of Economics right in town.

Geneva as a finance and banking center

As a finance center, Geneva is more focused on European banking than markets in Asia and North America (though it excels there, too), and as a consequence many multi-lingual people who speak any combination of English, French, Spanish, and/or German may find themselves right at home in Geneva working on major European finance and banking deals.

Geneva is ideal as a place to work in major Swiss and European banks, and focus on microeconomic finance and other investments for a career.

What is the best place for you?

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At the end of the day, there really is no "right" place when picking between Geneva and London for financial opportunities and careers. It really comes down to the specific job or career you are offered, your interest in either microeconomics or macroeconomics, and whether or  not you would prefer to live in one city over the other.

One thing is certainly for sure, though- you can't go wrong picking between the two in terms of a city to live and work in for finance, since they both offer high quality options and a great deal of opportunity for people looking to expand their careers and make their names in this competitive, challenging, and fun industry.

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