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Get Your Next Job in Finance with a Little Help from LinkedIn

Most business professionals have already established a presence on LinkedIn, but are they doing enough to gain the attention of savvy executive recruiters and banking hiring managers? LinkedIn is all about developing your professional brand through strategic activities. A person should not consider LinkedIn to be another Facebook because successful LI users don't just post a profile and forget about it - they participate. A recent LifeHacker statistic states that 86% of companies use LinkedIn to recruit and hire talent. Given that exposure, LinkedIn can be a useful advocate in your mission to find your next banking job. Here is some commentary on how to leverage LinkedIn and promote your own profession brand.

  • Make your profile shine. A completed profile is the first step to being seen as a valuable professional. If applicable, do not leave any section blank! Pay special attention to your skills section and make sure your profile contains keywords that reflect the job tasks you are seeking. For example, if you are seeking a position in investment banking you may want to add key words like "portfolio management" or "mergers and acquisitions.

  • Put your best face forward. One of the main aspects of an outstanding LinkedIn profile is a quality photo. Executive recruiters and bank hiring managers will value a professional headshot far more than a casual snapshot you cropped your wife out of. Your goal should be to capture attention and wow recruiters with your personal brand right from the start.

  • Utilise LinkedIn plug-ins. LinkedIn allows you to pull information from other social profiles. Recruiters want to get a feel for your personality and they can do so through social proof. If you run a finance-related blog or tweet to a specific banking niche, pull that information into your LinkedIn profile. Bank hiring managers will be highly impressed.

  • Post articles.  LinkedIn allows a user to not only bring in interesting articles from around the web, but also to post and distribute his or her original content. Your connections can then comment and share your insight which expands your LinkedIn networking even further. It won't be long before interested recruiters are dropping by your profile.

  • Follow companies you want to work for. If your goal, for example, is to work at Citibank then follow what Citibank is posting. You can then join in on the social conversation by leaving insightful comments and sharing Citibank's articles through your own connections. Following a specific company in your targeted banking field can also give you a reason to speak to current employees, exchange feedback, and gain internal references to jobs that you are interested in applying for

LinkedIn is a highly customised website with major global traffic. Spend a night just a few minutes every day to maximise your personal exposure through the site can be the difference between a landing that next big banking gig and continuing the 9 to 5 grind at your current employer.

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