My internship at Emolument in 7 points

or why you should intern in a start up

1. I am part of an adventure

Emolument has its own story, and I feel like I am now part of it. I witnessed and contributed to several stages of Emolument's development, including the inauguration of the paywall, the redesign of the blog, the rethinking of the capture form. I really appreciate being able to take part in most of the topics the company has to deal with.

2. My work counts

How rewarding to see my work is useful, and eventually used! Working in a start-up means shorter decision ladder, and any employee's work thus has a bigger value. At Emolument, intern is not a status, even less a position. Far from the cliché of interns making coffee and photocopies, we have responsibilities and are assigned tasks. I am in charge of press releases that are sent every week to more than 6,000 journalists (after necessary proofreading, I have to admit).

3. I learn a new way of thinking

Working at Emolument - or I assume in any start-up - rejuvenates a mind. Never rest on your laurels clearly defines the start-up-state-of-mind. You do not only have to do your job; you must also look for business opportunities, meet new people, be updated on the trends and news of the start-up ecosystem, and, most importantly, keep coming up with new ideas for the company.

4. I feel the team spirit

A small team facing the same problematics and working in an open space definitely creates strong bonds. We are on the same boat, and no one will ever go solo. Whenever I have trouble while working on a project that involves the skills of someone else, I often simply roll my mobile chair to the desk of this person. No need to plan a meeting, it's often immediate and the solution comes quick. Shared meals, team events and breaks in the sun on the rooftop help cultivate this sense of coworking.

5. I multi-task

Interning in a start-up is an opportunity to have many varied missions, spanning from digital marketing to data analysis. There are no bureaucratic divisions and the work assignments are very fluid. Overhearing a discussion on SEO or a debate over a report's design is a common thing, that will always help you stay in the loop! As a result, I end up doing many different things, and routine is not part of the job!

6. I learn from others, and vice versa

Being constantly in touch with the co-founders allows me to learn from their entrepreneurial ways and understand the daily stakes of Emolument. Do not underestimate the importance of asking questions. This will not only help you better grasp the strategy of the start-up, but it will hopefully let your colleagues have a fresh perspective. I learnt that having a different point of view should always be seen as an opportunity for improvement.

7. I have an insight of how a start-up really works

Nowadays, so many people talk of the start-up ecosystem as a new paradigm that we lose our sense of reality and idealize start-ups. One must not forget that a start-up is still a company that demands an incredible amount of work and motivation, all the more since it is growing and facing new challenges. Yet, given all the advantages of an internship in a start-up, you should go for it!


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