How Much Does a Top Investment Bank Pay?

London's investment bankers at firms including Bank of America Corp, Deutsche Bank AG and Goldman Sachs Group Inc. get bonuses 37 percent higher than counterparts at smaller firms.

  • Base salaries are in line with the rest of the market: base salaries for this group are only 6% higher than the wider market

  • However, the gap widens when it comes to bonuses: top tier institution bonuses are 37% higher than the rest of the market

  • The higher the base salary, the higher the bonus! Analysts' bonus represent 0.31x of base salary, while for VPs the figure climbs to 0.8x, and 1.45x for MDs

  • Interns and Analysts have similar base salaries: ignore the 15,000 annual bonus for analysts, and you are making as much as an intern

  • Even top tier banks are already in line with bonus cap regulations: at MD level, base salaries are within the recommended 2x bonus rule, currently at 1.45x

For those who make it to top tier institutions, it is worth aiming for the senior jobs at MD level, as outperforming banks are particularly open to profit-sharing with their MDs"

TitleBase salaryBonus


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