Which are the highest paying Tech firms?

Technology companies are an aspirational career path for top Millennial talent who are less likely to be attracted by rigid and old fashioned management styles and industries. With such pulling power, do the most competitive firms still have to pay top dollar to attract and retain the best candidates?

In order to produce a league table of the best paying technology firms, we analysed global salary data from 641 entry level employees (0-3 years of experience) and 504 senior employees (10-13 years of experience). Apple, Google and Microsoft top our lists for both categories with salaries and bonuses far above average rates. A clear pattern emerges correlating bonus size with innovation.

Top 10 best paying tech firms (Entry level)

Firms Salary Bonus Total
Amazon 75,000 15,000 90,000
Apple 72,000 11,000 83,000
Google 59,000 14,000 73,000
Cisco 46,000 1,000 47,000
Microsoft 40,000 6,000 46,000
Oracle 46,000 - 46,000
Telefonica 31,000 3,000 34,000
Orange 33,000 - 33,000
SAP 30,000 3,000 33,000
IBM 33,000 - 33,000
Hewlett Packard 32,000 - 32,000
BT Group 30,000 1,000 31,000
Samsung 30,000 1,000 31,000
Fujitsu 30,000 - 30,000
Vodafone 27,000 - 27,000

Top Tier pays more, much more

Amazon, Apple, Google and Microsoft lead our rankings. These three technology giants pay extra to attract top talent: Apple for instance pays its entry-level employees a total of 83,000 a year, ie 3 times more than Vodafone.

Utility versus innovation?

Telecom operators pay very respectable starting salaries but don't come close to the big forward thinking tech firms in our list with basic salaries averaging 30,000 and no bonuses to speak of.

Bonuses and innovation

Driving innovation and enriching peoples' lives is the cornerstone appeal of the big technology brands. A handful of these top innovation players, the bluest of the blue chip tech brands, are willing to pay substantial bonuses to recruit and retain junior staff, despite already capitalising on their glamorous brand to generate staff loyalty. Amazon, Apple and Google pay bonuses which on average equal 1/5th of annual salaries. Not a bad start!

Closing the gap with banking?

Our table-toppers have such an aggressive pay policy for juniors that they are closing the gap with the financial industry. While bonuses in technology remain smaller than in banking, the diminishing pay differential added to the on-trend corporate culture and a flexible working environment with better work-life balance and many perks make up an irresistible package for Generation Y.

Top 10 best paying tech firms (Senior level)
Firm Salary Bonus Total
Microsoft 84,000 17,000 101,000
Apple 74,000 23,000 97,000
Google 84,000 8,000 92,000
SunGard 70,000 8,000 78,000
Oracle 55,000 23,000 78,000
Samsung 72,000 5,000 77,000
EMC 72,000 4,000 76,000
Vodafone 65,000 5,000 70,000
BT Group 60,000 4,000 64,000
Sony 55,000 4,000 59,000
Ericsson 54,000 5,000 59,000
Fujitsu 57,000 - 57,000
Starhub 52,000 4,000 56,000
Hewlett Packard 51,000 2,000 53,000
SAP 50,000 2,000 52,000
SingTel 43,000 6,000 49,000
IBM 47,000 - 47,000

Fighting over Generation Y

At senior level, the pay gap between companies narrows dramatically. In junior jobs Apple pays three times more than Vodafone compared to senior roles the differential decreases by more than 50% with Apple paying 1.4 times more than Vodafone. This shows that a few star players are fiercely competing for junior talent, pushing market rates up dramatically.

Y it's no longer just all about the money...

With glamorous brands, novelty offices, breakthrough managerial styles the leading technology firms were already attractive employers. Now, with an aggressive push on junior pay, they are outpacing traditional financial and professional services firms when it comes to campus pulling power. Working for a top investment bank no longer epitomises the graduate dream, especially since financial industry remuneration has taken a bashing in the last few years, in line with bankers' reputations. Banks are trying to shake up their corporate cultures and offer more flexibility and work-life balance but cannot compete with technology giants making their staff feel they are making a social mark on their time.


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