I'm a Banker... Get Me Out of Here!

Without a doubt, banking is stressful work. And as you might expect, especially with the stock market and economic issues of the past few years, it has not been so much fun to be a banker pretty much anywhere in the world recently. From poor monetary and financial decisions, to major government bailouts and sluggish economic results, banks have been hit hard, and bankers have taken it on the chin in recent years.

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Couple that with the fact that there can be a great deal of both monotony and stress in the banking industry and for individual employees, and you have got a tenuous schedule and set-up for bankers and their jobs. With that, many bankers are looking elsewhere for work and trying to find something that they enjoy doing more than banking itself, so they can get out of the industry and find happiness.

So if you are a banker, what can you do besides banking? And how can you get out of the industry and still use your talents to find happiness, success, and more? Fortunately, there are more than a few things you can come up with to be happy and still sane through the rocky times:

Go Work For A Start-Up

Knowing the financial sector is critical to success in business, but who says you have to work in the mundane world of big corporate banking every day? Go work for a technology start up: all those little, fascinating and exciting technology companies need financial gurus who can help them work on limited budgets while they try to get big pay days. Slow corporate banking it is not, but it is fun and exciting with a new and different challenge every single day!

Non-Profits Need Financial Experts

Want to give back to the community and get away from the money-driven world of banking? Non-profit organisations of all sizes are desperate for financially smart people who can help them with fundraising, tax issues, spending and endowment questions, and more. In fact, bankers can work directly with and for non-profits to not only make them financially feasible in time, but to also make them improve the world in various ways. Find one you are passionate about, and a cause that you love, and go out and get it!

Strike out On Your Own

Not sure what you want to do? That is OK! Why not strike out on your own and get a job that is completely and totally separate from banking and that entire sector? You may find that you can have success in industries or sectors you have never thought about before: journalism, marketing, advertising, retail, the service industry, why not try something new for a year and enjoy the experience and the ride while you figure out what you love, and what you need to do that makes you truly happy? It will end up being an unforgettable experience, for sure, and one that you can be happy you had as you move forward in life!

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