Forget Writing a Cover Letter, Nobody Reads It Anyway!

Even just several years ago, cover letters were all the rage when it came to applying for jobs and seeking out career opportunities. People liked sending cover letters as a way to highlight relevant experience and more. However, nowadays with the way that the job market is going, and in how jobs have moved into online applications, cover letters are becoming less and less necessary.

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Knowing that, except in certain cases, it is likely almost better you do not include a cover letter in your correspondence with companies when it comes time to seeking jobs. Obviously, one major exception to this rule is if a company specifically asks for a cover letter as part of their application. If they do so, well, it would be stupid of you not to include a brief, to-the-point, efficient and straightforward cover letter. However, for employers that do not specify, it may be better not to include the cover letter.

Job Interviewers Do Not Have The Time

Recruiting personnel and human resources people in corporations do not have the time to sift through hundreds of resumes, let alone the worthless cover letters that always seem to accompany them. They see thousands upon thousands of resumes in a given week, and it becomes very difficult for them to seek out opportunities to read cover letters so why waste their time with yours, which is likely just a re-hash of the information you have already given on your resume?

Job Seeking Has Moved to Automation Online

Gone are the days where you mail a letter to an employer completely cold instead, nowadays, job seeking has gone online. And with that, employers have created specific websites, forms, and fields to fill out regarding their job prospects and your potential employment. With those, they can determine exactly which job you are prospecting for, rendering an introductory cover letter obsolete and completely superfluous. There is no need to do it, since employers only see the pre-designed application forms from their website, anyways!

Be Efficient and Lead Strong

Instead of bumbling through another cover letter, or creating an inefficient and awkward letter that you force somebody to read, focus instead on leading with your strengths, like your resume. Ignore the superfluous things like cover letters, and focus on making your resume as strong, and as streamlined, as you possibly can. You may be surprised at what a little resume tweaking can do for you, as you lead with a good foot forward going towards the job of your dreams.

All in all, cover letters are becoming less and less necessary nowadays, and they are not being read by anybody. Instead of adding on to the pile of trash in the waste bin at your next prospective employer, focus on giving them something of value - a very well tailored resume with strong points and career objectives - and ditch the unnecessary and wasteful cover letter. No one is reading it, anyways!

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