Employee benefits that can boost your salary

The pros (and cons) of your particular job, or job you're aiming to get, don't begin and end with the salary. There are lots of other employee benefits that you could be entitled to, that will make work that little bit more appealing.

Employers take note - while some employee benefits are mandatory, additional 'perks' of the job will help retain staff and attract fresh talent; in fact, research shows that a combination of money and benefits makes for a happier workforce, as opposed to one where people are paid highly, but have no additional bonuses. Whichever side of the fence you fall ? employer or employee ? making the benefits you want (or offer) clear could add a much needed boost to salaries; for the employer, some of these benefits are much less financially demanding than a straightforward pay rise.

Employee benefits:

Commission: This is most obvious within a sales environment, but could be implemented for almost any role. If you work hard and help the company succeed, why not be rewarded for it. Specific targets are set and if you meet them, commission is given accordingly ? a good way to create a motivated team.

Paid holidays and sick leave: Everyone expects this, but employers that offer just a little bit more than statutory holiday and extra compassion in particular times of crisis will be appealing to would-be staff.

Training and education: If you want to learn a skill or gain a new qualification you don't always need to quit your job to do so. Many employers will contribute towards the cost and allow you time to do this, particularly if it fits in with their business goals. Employers that actively encourage learning will be perceived as good places for career progression, preventing key talent from moving on.

Life insurance: Not a cheery subject, but something that should appeal to most people, particularly those with a family to look after. A lot of bigger employers offer this - if you're entitled, it's worth signing up to.

Pension: All employers are now obliged to give their staff access to a pension scheme. Some may even pay in additional contributions to monthly payments.

Company car: If you spend a large proportion of your working life on the move, then you should be offered a company car, which will minimise the wear and tear on your own vehicle. For employers, this could actually save in terms of travel costs spent on mileage, trains and care hire.

Home and flexible working: Working from home can prove a huge benefit which costs the employer very little. New laws have made it much easier to ask for flexible working options, with employers having to consider and accept requests that can be reasonably implemented. An employer that actively encourages these practices will be an appealing one, particularly to staff with families.

Childcare: Helping parents out with the cost of childcare will make it easier for them to work more, which could easily cover this cost and encourage people to stay with a company after they have children - a point when many mothers, in particular, drop-off the working radar.

Gym membership: Keeping staff healthy means less days off sick, sharper minds and overall well-being, while encouraging constructive out-of-work pursuits. Free or subsidised gym membership is a great 'perk', with some local gyms offering discounts to businesses in their area.

Subsidised food and drink: Like the gym, by talking to a local caterer or café, employers might be able to get preferential food rates that you can pass on to staff. From an employee perspective, any move that suggests your well-being is cared for will be appreciated, indicating that a company is a nice, friendly and supportive place to work.


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