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Our salary benchmarking statistics not only provide invaluable information for individuals considering a career move, but provide extremely popular insights for journalists. Below is a list of just some of the top publications that have used our salary data for their business and career stories:

Do bonuses for men and women make the gender gap wider?

TheTelegraph published a story looking at our research into the salary gap between male and female graduates, both within 5 years of leaving university and completing an MBA. The gender gap in salary is always a hot topic, but our unique statistics revealed a fascinating new insight - that women with an MBA take home bonuses 46% smaller than their male colleagues - which may say something about how men and women approach salary and bonus negotiations differently.Click here for the full story.

Where have LinkedIn been spending 15 billion dollars?

ManagementToday published a fascinating feature examining social network LinkedIn, following their acquisition of training site Lynda. The article looked at other areas are spending their budgets, including Emolument statistics that reveal how LinkedIn have positioned themselves as the best paying tech company for young employees, in order to give themselves an advantage in attracting the best tech talent. Click here for the full story.

How much do junior employees earn at the world's top tech companies?

TheIndependent ran a feature on using our stats on how top tech companies like LinkedIn, eBay, Amazon, Facebook and Google are competing to attract the best young talent. The article looked at how much the average junior employee for each company earns in Europe, and revealed some remarkable differences for young tech professionals who want to see beyond the roof-top golf courses and fun parks. Click here for the full story.

How much do the UK's top employers pay their staff?

RealBusiness featured our latest survey which revealed the average salaries paid by Google, Amazon, Barclays and More. The best salary for a junior (with zero to five years' experience) can be found at Barclays, which pays an average of 55,000 to staff in that bracket. Moving further down the list, staff starting out at Schroders can expect remuneration of 43,000 while at Google you could except to pull in 40,000. Click herefor full story.

Should graduates choose a career in banking or consulting?

FinancialTimes looked at our salary benchmarking stats that illustrate how salaries for professionals in banking and consulting increased with experience. The evidence was clear - while consulting might offer equally attractive starting salaries for graduates, earning potential for bankers was much greater and may also offer a better work-life balance in the long term. Click here for the full story.

Which IT role pays the most money?

Hereis the City looked at our investigation into best paying sectors for IT professionals. Every sector wants IT professionals, and courted from all angles, they have a choice: freelancing, joining the exciting world of startups, plugging themselves to large tech groups or hopping on the finance gravy-train, as banks are more and more in need of professionals sitting between traders, quants, middle office and internal systems departments. Here is the City featured a recent survey by Emolument.com which shows how do these different career paths pay off in the long term? Click heref or full story.

How much should you pay an employee?

EliteBusiness Magazine were keen to look at our statistics and advice on a hot topic that will always garner interest - how much you pay an employee. It can be difficult to determine if you've never done it before but sometimes even the pros get it wrong. Elite Business Magazine publish their 5 minute master class with advice from Emolument co-founder, Thomas Drewry on how to keep it transparent. Click here for the full story. 


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