Emolument Employer Award Winners 2016!

Salary benchmarking site Emolument.com has compared over 250 companies in order to decide winners for three Employer Awards: "Students' Favourite", "Gender Equality Champion", and "Fairest Company". The top three for each category are detailed below.

Gender Equality

The Gender Equality Award is awarded to the company with the smallest gender pay gap amongst its employees. Emolument calculated the average gender pay gap across all experience bracket (1-5 years, 5-10 years, etc.). Here are the top three companies who take gender equality most seriously.

  • Gender Equality is a key objective for any business at the moment, but our award determines who is doing more than just going through the motions - these are the companies where measures have had a real, concrete impact on their gender pay gap.
  • A spokesperson for Standard Chartered said: "This award is a very welcome endorsement of our efforts to promote a strong equality culture. We have a number of proactive diversity and inclusion employee networks, both locally and globally, with gender engagement, women in leadership and other equality forums sponsored by our senior executives. Our objective is to ensure that equality is a mainstream business imperative."

Fairest Company

Where would you think employees are most satisfied with their pay? Surely at banks or private equity firms, you say? Apparently not. Emolument has compiled this ranking by analysing the proportion of employees who were satisfied with their most recent bonuses. Not a single bank in the top 10:

  • Vodafone's winning first prize for both Gender Equality and Fairest Company shows that they are working hard on both fronts. They keep openly available records of their diversity statistics for recent years, claiming that "We always aim to hire equal numbers of male and female graduates, this year we recruited 45 women and 43 men."
  • John Lewis' success on fair pay may come from their partnership model, whereby all 88,700 employees are partners in the firm, all of whom "share in the benefits and profits of a business that puts them first."

Students' Favourite

Emolument asked over 2,400 European students which companies they aspired to work for after graduation. The top 10 was a diverse group, including the BBC, KPMG, and the NHS, a balanced representation of student's wide-ranging aspirational careers.

  • Google cements its reputation as the most attractive employer, taking first place by a huge margin. Emolument.com sees this as a sign of the continued dominance of technology companies in the fierce competition for graduate talent, with up to a third of top business school graduates now eschewing banking and other more traditional career paths for technology and entrepreneurship


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