Will you earn more in July than the Maillot Jaune?

Our salary and bonus figures are based on Data from 27,000 UK professionals.

Tour de France rewards are based on official figures.

Nibali salary figure is based on Cyclingnews data.

Rewards granted to Tour de France riders vs. average incomes



Equivalent to?

Yellow jersey


hedge fund trader salary and bonus

Green jersey


nursery teacher salary

Polka dot jersey


junior copywriter salary

White jersey


UK living wage

Stage winner


IT developer bonus

The pay difference between the yellow and the green jersey matches that between traders and nursery teachers: the huge gap in earnings shows just how much the marketing clout of the yellow outperforms the green.

Traders lead the overall classification : while best riders will probably win the tour de France once or twice in their lifetime (the current record being 5x), a hedge fund trader can expect his 450,000 income to come in annually for up to 10 or 20 years.

What about riders' income once the Tour is over? While 1/3 of the peloton will only earn 33,000 per year, some star riders such as last Tour de France winner Vincenzo Nibali can earn as much as 4,000,000. That's a 1/121 ratio, the same as between a retailer and a blue chip bank CEO! Were Nibali to win several years in a row, he might knock traders off their top spots... An unlikely event considering his poor performance yesterday! (he lost 4.25 minutes to Chris Froome, leaving him without any hope of winning this year's Tour)


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