Celebrities - what they did before they were famous

Do you ever get the feeling that you're stuck in a dead end job, working hard on something that is not even close to where you want to be? Well actually,you can take comfort in the fact that the rich and famous have also been there, and even some of the world's best loved celebrities had to start somewhere.

They may seem to float around drinking champagne and generally having a good time, in between appearing on our screens, singing in our ears, or in the case of more modern "celebs", do nothing in particular other than pout. However, take a look at this list of jobs that probably won't make it onto the CV of these celebrities, and it might make you smile on your way to work, if nothing else:

Victoria Beckham:

She really did start at the 'beginning', the beginning of human life, in fact. Unbelievably, the never smiling "Posh" played a sperm on roller skates for a BBC sex education show called Body Matters!

Jon Bon Jovi:

Before he was flicking his perm and "living on a prayer", Jon Bon was making Christmas decorations - artistic and musical!

Channing Tatum:

For any of you that loved his performance in the ground breaking andhigh-brow film, Magic Mike, Channingwas drawing on his own experience. Yes, Channing Tatum was a real-lifestripper, for about eight months when he was 19.

Johnny Depp:

The heart throb and kooky muse of Tim Burton was once an over-the-phone ball point pen seller; goes to show we've all got to start somewhere.

Ozzy Osborne:

His image might have you believe that he likes biting heads off bats, but it seems his love of blood and guts stems from his pre-rock star days. The King of Darkness used to work in a slaughter house!

Jennifer Aniston:

The 'Friends', the hair, the cute Labrador puppy, she's got it all - apart from the fact Jen's not very good at telemarketing. She tried it once,apparently, but only lasted two weeks.

Mick Jagger:

Sir Mick started his career as a porter in a psychiatric ward. Even before his rock and roll days he seemed keen to start getting a reputation, allegedly losing his virginity there too, to a nurse, in a cupboard!

Harrison Ford:

It seems his iconic adventurous Indiana Jones character was not too far removed from real life? He worked at a Boy Scout Adventure Camp, although maybe not quite the 'Temple of Doom'. Harrison was also famously an accomplished carpenter, making furniture for the likes of Richard Dreyfus.

Simon Cowell:

Anyone who is working their way up an organisation gradually can seemingly take inspiration from the high-waisted one. Apparently he always had his sights on a career in music, starting off as a post boy at EMI studios before worked his way up to the very top.

Brad Pitt:

Even Hollywood's most gorgeous leading men take less desirable jobs, and Brad once dressed up in a chicken suit to promote fast food outlet, El Pollo Loco. Perhaps not his most dignified hour.


Her 'Madgesty' used to sell donuts? Ever one the cause a scene, apparently she got the sack for squirting Jam at the customers.

Hugh Jackman:

From PE teacher to Wolverine perhaps isn't the most logical career progression, but apparently he served his time controlling a class at an English school, no less!

Christopher Walken:

He's weird, he's wonderful and he used to be a circus Lion tamer.Doesn't that just make you like him even more?


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