Top 11 business blogs you should be reading

Whether you're leading your own company, in a management role or just working in a busy marketing department, reading the blogs of business gurus is a great way to get tips on how to succeed and find solutions to real-life problems that you may be experiencing in your own career. Following bloggers and/or podcasters that keep their content fresh and engaging will prove a useful source of information, as long as what they have to say is good and worth reading!

Of course, the internet has its fair share of nonsense, so choosing who to give your time to can be confusing, but don't worry, here's a run down of business blogs we think you should be reading:

Itsdevelopmental blog

Written by Martin Couzins, a freelance content strategist, the itsdevelopmental blog covers useful tips for entrepreneurs and business leaders about various aspects of business, including recruitment, innovation and social marketing.

Stopdoingdumbthingstocustomers blog

Written by Doug Shaw, founder of What Goes Around, a consultancy which helps businesses and business leaders learn how to make work more effective. Doug was recognised by Huffington Post as the UK's top expert on social HR in 2013, he blogs about HR, business advice and general experiences.

The Small Business blog

Detailed business blog designed specifically for SMEs, but covers all aspects of business that both employers and employees could find useful; from accounting to web technology. Posts are provided by a collection of expert authors.

Amy Porterfield

Amy Porterfield is a social media and digital marketing guru, her blog is essential reading for any business that uses or wants to use e-shots or other forms of online communication to reach their target audience.

The Start up Mag

Strictly speaking, this is an online magazine, but with a range of contributors from the world of startups, it's a must-read for anyone involved in, or considering a career move to, a fledgling businesses. The magazine covers many aspects of business development and starting up from fundraising and operational guides, through to talent acquisition and customer engagement.

Copy blogger

Everything you need to know about content marketing, written by the team at Copy Blogger who build websites and fill them with engaging, SEO friendly copy. The site also includes a range of free e-books, covering everything to do with internet marketing.

Birds on the blog

"Business women with something to say"- content ranges from personal life posts, to advice and experiences relating to small and medium businesses, with specific topics covering things like specific career challenges women face, for example.

Work Essence

Written by Neil Usher, the Work Essence blog contains in-depth posts relating to the world of work and business more generally from a variety of perspectives. Its aim is to "de-mystify" work, employment and its purpose.

Steven van Belleghem

An author and professor at Vlerick University in Belgium, Steven is a thought leader on the relationship between customers and businesses. Many of his blog posts and videos focus on how technology is shaping business, from involving customers in funding the business, developing products and how employees in all departments should be advocates for brands on social media.

The Guardian Business blog

Business related news and views from the Guardian, ideal for keeping abreast of what's happening in UK and global business, which is essential in today's connected, rapidly changing world.

UK Business Planning blog

UK Business Planning is a full-service business plan solutions provider for new and growing businesses, focusing on business plan consulting and financial modelling. Their blog covers advice and tips for businesses, large and small.


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