Boost your savings with crowdlending!

You've been saving money for a while now. You've already considered several options, all time-consuming, expensive and risky. Stock-options are lame, you don't know anything about Art, real estate is not in your capacity... But did you know that technology took investment opportunities to the next level?

Did you just say crowdlending?

You must have heard already about some of the leading crowdfunding platforms like Kiss Kiss Bank Bank or Kickstarter. Well, Crowdlending is basically built on the same principle of financially supporting projects you believe in, but, instead of giving, it's literally lending money with a return. And as SME's needs are often too poorly met by the traditional banking system, many of them decide now to take the opportunity offered by crowdlending platforms.

I know what you're thinking, ''this is probably the most profitable good deed I could ever do?''. Well, yes it is!

A beginner's guide to crowdlending

Actually there's no beginner's guide. Platforms made it quick, easy and intuitive. They're based on a web platform that allows secure transactions between the two stakeholders: the lenders and the borrower. It won't take you more than a minute to create your account online and fund it through a bank transfer or credit card. Forget about banks for your investment, Fintechs are the true players here.

Choose the right one

Crowdlending is flourishing all over Europe and the number of new platforms blooming in this field is simply astonishing. All of them built their differences on core strengths: an origination process, competitive pricing and no bureaucracy. Crowdlending platforms also target different needs. Lendosphere exclusively promotes sustainable development projects and you can start lending on Finsquare with a minimum of 10 euros only per project.

Keep in mind that lending always comes with the risk of not getting your money back. for instance selects only mature borrowers (all businesses must be at least 4 years-old), which makes it the only platform with no default nor delay.

You're a French expatriate?

We have great news for you: you are not to pay any social security contributions or withhold tax on your income. In short, you enjoy the benefits of the French economy without its drawbacks.


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