Boost your salary without changing jobs!

If you're after a little extra cash but want to apply for a new job, don't have the time to take a second job and can't get a pay rise, money-making could be right under your nose (or roof). Yes, that's right, your own home has the potential to give your bottom-line a boost, here's how:

Rent out your spare room:

If you have a bedroom going begging, why not take in a lodger? It's an easy way to reduce the cost of your mortgage and household bills, and if you keep contracts short, with a view to extending their stay if it all goes well, then you don't have to be stuck with the lodger from hell! Sites like or will help. Just make sure there are clear ground rules in place.

There's also the option to let your room out to foreign language students, for a period of a few months. You will need to supply breakfast and/or supper in most cases.

Rent out your parking space:

Parking is at a premium, particularly in busy towns and cities. If you have a spare spot on your driveway, why not rent it out?Great for commuters if you live near a train station, or for occasional weekend or holiday use - particularly if you're close to an attraction, such as a football ground, or a location where a festival is held, for example. provides a place to advertise your space.


If you don't want a full-time lodger, why not consider short term 'holiday' accommodation. Sites like have revolutionised this concept, with would-be travellers looking for places to stay for a few nights in locations all over the world. There's also sites where you can 'swap' your home for one in another country, allowing you to effectively holiday 'forf ree'. It helps if you have a nice house in a desirable place, of course. Checkout for more information.

Take part in market research:

If you're bored in the evening and have the internet at hand, then market research is a good way to pass the time; you will be rewarded in cash, vouchers and/or free products. It's not a massive money-spinner, but a relatively easy way to generate a few spare pounds. Sites like GlobalTestMarket are a good place to get the idea of how it works.

Sell in your front room:

Tupperware, cosmetics from companies like Avon can all be sold from the comfort of your own home. If you've got some friends that would be interested in this type of stuff, it can be a fun way to make some money. In fact, creating a bit of party atmosphere (complete with wallet-opening wine) will ensure the evening's enjoyable and beneficial to your bank balance.

Go green!:

Installing renewable technologies could actually make you money. If you have a spare south-facing roof, solar panels, for hot water heating or electricity, can generate cash-back under the government's RenewableHeat Incentive (RHI) and Feed inTariffs (FiTs). Under FiTs, if you generate too much electricity, this can be sold back to the National Grid. For off-grid homes, other technology covered by the RHI includes biomass and heat pumps. There is the initial outlay of the equipment, but this will eventually be met by the payments, leaving you with cheaper utility bills and in some cases, money-making potential.


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