Are Banking Bonuses Back for Britons?

Bonuses are a much-discussed topic in the world of Finance and Banking. Year in year out, bankers see their extra money fluctuating, as are bonuses for the rest of the economy.

Bonuses are still not as high as they were back in 2007 but figures show a 12% improvement in the last financial year, for both finance professionals and the rest of the employees. It seems that Great Britain is slowly but surely recovering from the economic downturn!

A few days ago, the ONS released this infographic to put bonuses in Great Britain into the spotlight. Read on to find some more interesting facts!

Key points to take away:

  • In the year up to April 2014, bonuses increased by 4.9% in Great Britain.
  • Bonuses jumped by 13.4% for Finance and Insurance professionals in the last financial year
  • Finance and Insurance industry are the biggest contributors to bonus growth.
  • Bonuses in Finance and Insurance represent as much as on quarter of the total pay.

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