Bankers Bonus 2014 : the first cut

We have examined salary and bonus data from 137 employees working in Financial Services in London who have received their 2014 salary and bonus figures.

The main banks who have already announced bonuses are: Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley, Citi, Credit Suisse and BAML.

Our findings reveal that:

  • Overall, 53% of employees have seen an increase in their bonus this year compared to last year with 15% seeing no change and 32% having received less.
  • Two thirds of employees (67%) received the same or more this year
  • There is a fairly balanced distribution in terms of bonus changes with the most common change being ?up by 0-10%?

Bonus Change%
-20 to -30%2
-10 to -20%5
0 to -10%15
No change15
0 to 10% 18
10 to 20%12
20 to 30%6
> 30%17

  • Associates are so far performing best with 67% of them seeing an increase in their bonus this year while Analysts are performing worst with 44% getting less than last year

Key takeaways:

  • Bonus season has kicked off to a positive start so far (for the mainly American firm employers that have announced first) with two thirds of employees receiving the same or more than last year
  • Many employees have had a significant jump up or down in terms of bonus with 28% seeing a rise or fall of more than 30% although almost half of employees (48%) received between +10%/-10% of their previous year?s bonus

TitleBase SalaryTotal BonusTotal Compensation

London bonuses at US firms are up, a ripple effect from the 2013 uptick in activity across many business lines. We are keeping a keen eye on upcoming European numbers, which although expected to be more modest, should also improve on last year, reflecting stronger performances from Equities, Investment Banking and Capital Markets, albeit offset by relatively poor performances in Fixed Income Divisions.


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