There's an app for that - 10 apps to make you better at your job

Apps have become part of everyday life for most of us, but they are not just useful for finding a good restaurant or checking out how much fun your mates are having. Apps can actually make make work easier and here are some of the best we have found:

Time savers:

Time management is a real problem for most people. Getting better at it will certainly improve the way you work and how much you fit into a day. There are a number of apps that can help with this:

Toggl: Say what you're doing, start the timer and stop it when you're done. From this, you can create charts showing what's consuming your time, helping to get a better handle on where you're going wrong. The basic version is free.

RescueTime: Going one better than Toggl, RescueTime runs in the background of your computer or mobile device, tracking minutes spent on various sites or applications. This is particularly useful for exposing bad email or Facebook habits! The basic version's free, but the premium one lets you track time away from your computer too, and block distracting websites after a desired period.

My Minutes: This free app allows you to set goals, working for an amount of time and limiting how long you spend reading emails, for example. When you're out of time, it will let you know.

Admin savers:

Admin can be a real pain. Let these apps take some of the hardship out of keeping on top of that all-important paperwork:

Check: Keep track of all your bills and when they are due, while monitoring your bank and credit card accounts. Most importantly, Check tells you when there's a mismatch between the two - i.e. when you're about to get charged an overdraft fee - so you can fix the problem.

Fanurio: Ideal for the self-employed, Fanurio lets you create invoices and expense reports. Perfect if you sell your time, this app records how long projects take and gives you a nudge if you haven't recorded your time in a while.

Invoice2go: Whether you're a freelancer or regularly have to submit invoices for payment, Invoice2Go aims to speed things up. The company claims to save users three hours on average each week and says its customers get paid seven days faster, nice!

Efficient emails:

We all waste time writing and responding to unnecessary emails. While there aren't apps that stop you being distracted by the constant ping of your inbox, there are some that can make this an easier and more efficient process.

MeMail: Emails to yourself can be a good way to jot down thoughts and reminders on the move. Do this in two taps with MeMail and get rid of pocket notepads forever.

Boomerang: This Gmail app lets you set a notification to pop up if someone hasn't replied to your email within a specified amount of time. It also lets you 'boomerang' important messages to the top of your inbox so you don't forget to deal with them. Additionally, you can schedule emails to send later, so, for example, if you like working late at night, or at the weekend, you can write a load of emails and set them to land at 9am on Monday morning.

Office on the go:

Turboscan: Never worry about having access to a scanner again. Turboscan turns your phone into a multipage scanner for documents and receipts. You can then email them on as PDFs or JPEGs.

Get a new job!

Pocket CV: Getting everything you want to say across in two sides of A4 can be a challenge. Pocket CV is designed to help you do just that; it splits your CV into seven sections, and you simply fill in each one. Then tap Preview to see what your new CV looks like. It really couldn't be easier.


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