Last minute Secret Santa gifts your colleagues will actually want

It's that time of year again when we all rush around trying to find the perfect gift for our partners, kids, friends and loved ones. However, as if that wasn't enough pressure to deal with, you've also got the annoying task of finding a present for that irritating guy in accounts, the girl in marketing you barely know or even your boss. That's right, it's time for the dreaded office Secret Santa.

So if you're struggling for ideas, here is our run down of five great gifts for Secret Santa that could bring a smile to even the grumpiest colleague.

Joe & Seph's popcorn:

Office Secret Santa gift ideas

The world of popcorn just got a gourmet twist, thanks to this quirky British company. Gone are the days when your options were limited to sweet or salted. You can now treat somebody to a packet of popcorn that tastes like festive Mince Pies, Camembert Cheese, Margarita (the cocktail, not the pizza) or even Madras Curry with Black Onion Seed and Lime. Each pouch is just 4.

Citrus Zinger:

Office Secret Santa gift ideas

If your colleague is a fitness fanatic this clever little bottle could help them keep hydrated in 2015, but makes things a little bit more interesting than plain old water. Quite simply it is a water bottle with a built in juicer, but its stylish design and funky packaging make it a great gift, for just 16.99.

Colour-changing bike valve lights:

Office Secret Santa gift ideas

If you're buying a Secret Santa present for someone who opts for two wheels rather than the tube or train, these clever lights could help keep them safe and seen on Winter nights. Using state of the art motion sensors these valve lights create a rainbow as you ride, making an eye-catching statement. Just 9.99

Beer Chillsner:

Office Secret Santa gift ideas

Whether it is the depths of Winter or the heat of Summer, nothing spoils a hard earned beer than the realisation that it is room temperature, so this little gadget could be the answer for a beer-loving colleague. Just slip a Chillsner inside a bottle and it will make sure the beer is perfectly chilled wherever they are, without affecting the taste.

Designer stapler:

Office Secret Santa gift ideas

Some people just love stationery, and nothing is going to make them more territorial about their desk accessories than this stylish designer stapler. Over at Quill London they have a huge range of stylish options for all budgets, giving you a choice of Secret Santa gift options that are also practical for everyday office life.


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