Essential alumni intelligence

From the global leader in crowdsourced compensation data

"Alumni is Emolument’s latest solution aimed at universities and business schools."

Unsure what jobs your alumni are in and what they’re earning?
Lacking a simple and effective tool to survey your alumni annually?

Always stay up-to-date with how well your alumni are doing (and not just for a few years after graduation):

  • Map out the long term career outcomes and employability of your alumni
  • Measure remuneration trajectories broken down by year of graduation, sector, degree, subject and more
  • Design fundraising and other outreach campaigns based on actual data and measured insights

As an Emolument product, Alumni benefits from:

  • Best-in-class data collection and verification processes
  • User-friendly analytics generating detailed and targeted reports
  • High survey response rate thanks to our free benchmarking report offering for individuals

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